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Clarity: Vision Board

Do you know what your ideal life looks like?  You can't get to your destination if you don't know where you are going.  Clarity is the first step.  A vision board can be a good tool to help you see where you would like to go.

Strategic Planning Session

Not sure if coaching is right for you?  This session is for you.  A one hour sample session of High Performance Coaching that will help you understand just how beneficial coaching can be.  We'll assess if we are a good fit and explore what work needs to be done in your life to reach the goals that you've always dreams of.  

High Performance Coaching - Group Sessions

Group sessions cover the same topics as individual sessions but the dynamic is different within a group setting.  Connect with other individuals going through the process.

High Performance - Individual

What would all areas of your life look like with greater clarity, courage, influence, time management and energy?  Transform your life in 12 strategic sessions where you can build momentum towards your dream life that you have identified.  We will identify what's holding you back and move past it.

Meet Mary Lou

Mary Lou is one of only 300 certified High Performance coaches in the world.  She began Life Coaching while working at Life Line Consulting. She and her husband George incorporate coaching and brain health into their practice, emphasizing the brain's importance in healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit, especially resulting from brain damage due to addiction and substance abuse.

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Do you have a plan to get there? As your coach, I  can help. This incredible journey can be THE most exciting adventure of YOUR life!

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Mary Lou talks a little it about the power of High Performance Coaching and how it can help transform your life. Open Your Sails and be your Best Self EVER!


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